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12 Tips for choosing your Gold Coast ceremony location...

Many people from all over the world are choosing the Gold Coast to host their special day. This is not surprising, as the Gold Coast boasts a diverse range of beautiful hinterland, garden and beach landscapes.

Gold Coast beach garden hinterland indoor outdoor wedding

When choosing the appropriate venue for your Gold Coast wedding ceremony, there are a few questions that you need to ask to ensure that what you're imagining is actually possible.

You may have known the Gold Coast venue for your ceremony for years, or may still be unsure...these questions may help you in your quest for the perfect venue for you.

1. Is there reasonable access for your decorators and guests? Long beach tracks & hills climbs can pose a struggle for less mobile guests not to mention your decorators!

2. Where can guests park their cars? Is there vehicle access?

3. What decorations are allowed - is there a limit to the amount of chairs?

4. Can you use confetti/rose petals/rice?

5. What kind of weather do you anticipate? Getting married outdoors is awesome… most of the time. Make the kind of accommodations that will help guests stay comfortable - is there shade? Can you provide parasols? Don’t forget that no matter what the season, it may rain.

6. What happens if it rains on the day? Is there an undercover area nearby? What is the cancellation policy for wet weather?

7. Consider the wind factor! Beach or hilltop ceremonies can create some PInterest-worthy photo ops. But strong winds can cause havock with your decor not to mention your guests perfectly coiffed hair. Consider a park that fronts onto the beachfront if you would like a little protection but don't want to sacrifice that ocean backdrop.

8. If you need to change the date, or cancel, how much notice do you need to give? What is the cancelation fee?

9. What happens if it rains on the day? Is there an undercover area nearby? What is the cancellation policy for wet weather?

10. Is food or drink allowed? Is alcohol allowed on the premises?

11. How do you know if there’ll be any other events scheduled for the same day (e.g. sporting or other events)?

12. What other conditions do we need to be made aware of?

Asking these questions will prevent a lot of heartache before and on your wedding day. Stay tuned for a full list of popular Gold Coast Ceremony Locations in our next post, along with some hidden gems!

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